A resort swimming pool at twilight

Tourism and hospitality

Hotels, resorts, lidos, campsites, spas

Virtual tour of: hotels and resorts, holiday villages, lidos, campsites, spas.

Video call sharing for: selling services with live support to potential customers, presentations to tour operators and trade operators.

  • Enhance the booking experience by allowing users to visit a location before booking a trip and thus evaluate the best place to spend their holiday. Try before you buy!
  • Gains more confidence in the quality of the product, increasing bookings and revenue.
  • Enables companies that provide locations for private and/or corporate events to become more attractive.
+ 15 %
increase in website engagement
+ 14 %
increase and conversion of bookings
+ 200 %
increase in corporate website views
4,5 x
Total increase in time spent on website

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