Matterport technology

With Matterport technology, it is possible to create ultra-high definition digital transpositions of the interior and exterior of any location, which then becomes viewable and navigable by the user on a smartphone, PC or tablet, to immerse himself in the environments as if he were physically there!
This is what we call a digital twin.

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3D Experiences

Matterport also offers advanced immersion tools such as plan maps and high-quality 3D renderings. In addition, it can be used to scan interiors of homes, commercial buildings, properties, places of interest and more.

Matterport technology is the perfect choice to offer an immersive visual experience to its users.

Multimedia menu

By enriching the navigation with a dedicated menu, a ‘tailor-made suit’ is created to accompany the user in discovering the world that lies within each activity.

Not just virtual tours, plan maps and high-quality 3D renderings, but an intelligent navigation menu that delves into every peculiarity of the activity, offering a much more complete and engaging point of view.

Mattertag Editor

Within the 4k digital twin Matterport, there is the possibility to insert tags or points of interest to provide details about a product and/or link it to an e-commerce or insert on-screen links to provide additional information. If the navigation takes place e.g. within a museum or other cultural location, it is possible to easily provide insights to visitors through dedicated links.

With our new Mattertag editor, you can insert everything: HTLM, video, audio, external links, photos for every language and pdf

+ 300 %

increase in engagement
with Matterport's 3D tour

+ 14 %

increase in sales:
customers are inclined to visit a property

-50 %

Reduction in time and costs:
elimination of the need for site visits

-30 %

Work time:
30% less time to complete projects

+ 71 %

of customers would feel confident enough to buy a house without ever visiting it.

-16 %

16%,reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the need to travel by car and plane to visit a location.

Why should a company choose to create a digital twin?

Here are some advantages...

  • Visibility

    Gives your business (company, cultural site, real estate, etc.) greater visibility. The digital twin embedded on social media or the website, greatly increases the perceived value of a product.

  • Web positioning

    Improves the positioning of your company website on search engines.

  • Bounce Rate

    Lowers the bounce rate of the website.

  • Accessibility

    Eliminates architectural barriers by facilitating accessibility to the tour even for people unable to visit the site in person. Allows access to people of all ages by eliminating cultural and/or language barriers.

  • Consumer habits

    Meets new consumer habits (Post Pandemic Covid 19 exponentially increased use of the Internet for online browsing and social networking).

  • Buying experience

    Enhances the online shopping process by giving the customer an immersive, almost physical experience within the location, through links to the e-commerce site.

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