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Digital Districts is a digital company specialising in the creation of immersive digital ecosystems. Through the use of the most innovative technologies on the market and our expertise in business and tourism, we can create 'digital environments' that provide immersive user experiences for every industry.

Immersive website

Our technologies makes it possible to create an interactive digital model of a space of any kind, making it accessible to users via web, desktop or mobile. Through your digital twin created with Matterport and our software, you can explore the space as if you were really there and interact with all kinds of elements through photos, videos, data sheets, up to live streams of events, courses and any kind of activity on any platform.

Aerial navigation

Aerial navigation in 4K gives the possibility to explore a territory in 360° from any desktop or mobile device in an immersive and engaging way. Filming through the latest generation of drones, allows a different perspective, allows you to get to know the territory and better understand its geographical and environmental characteristics..

Why digitise?

Digitalisation is the key to any successful business. In an increasingly connected world, companies must adapt to global trends in technology. Digitisation offers the opportunity to reach new customers more efficiently and cost-effectively, and to offer higher quality services and products.

Our projects

Andrea Sinico

Ristorante Al Petes / Hotel James Joyce

"Un team di professionisti, attento e preparato. Disponibile in ogni fase del progetto. Il mio albergo e il mio ristorante ora sono perfettamente riprodotti anche online e navigare negli spazi non solo è facile ma soprattutto coinvolgente."
Mara Paletti

Museo dell'Arrotino

"Ottima navigazione, didascalie con descrizioni precise, team altamente competente."
Giulio Borgino

Palestra Audace

"Digitalizzazione completa e grande attenzione ai dettagli. Siamo orgogliosi di poter condividere online con i nostri soci e potenziali clienti uno spazio che parla tanto di noi! Bravi!"

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Head office

Via degli Artisti 6, 34121 Trieste (TS)


    Digital Districts is a brand by Italian Districts, an innovative start-up awarded the Innovation Oscar in 2020 for the Finance and Development category and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development. In 2021, elected among the 5 best companies in the Edutech field, during the Start-up Week organised by the Autonomous Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with the collaboration Employment & Business Development Agency.