Historical residences

Castles, Historical villas, gardens

Virtual tour of: castles, period villas and gardens.

  • Becomes a powerful medium for creating the digital historical memory of a place;
  • Revalues and gives visibility to works/products that cannot be located due to lack of space;
  • Gives greater interactivity and involvement of the end customer through Mattertag information and content (info, online booking…);
  • A cultural site can remain accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day anywhere in the world;
  • It provides the dwelling with an additional source of revenue through the sale of ‘digital tickets’ for access to online tours;
  • Provides public access to closed areas;
  • Allows the user to visit the cultural site without following an obligatory route;
  • Breaks down the available information on the works (limited by descriptive panels);
  • On-line video and interactive user content can be integrated.

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