Extra Services


Multilingual interactive menus

We have the possibility to implement the multimedia menu and all navigation content translated into 45 languages. All content is editable: mattertags, menus, logos, different multimedia files for each language.


Virtual staging

With 'virtual staging' it is possible to insert images, videos, 3D models within the navigation. We also have a furniture gallery with over 600 models available.


Social campaign

We realise social campaigns that educate the customer in the use of immersive tools


Virtual reality

We develop virtual reality environments for both the corporate and consumer worlds. Overview, virtual tours, virtual reality entertainment experiences, VR commerce, distance learning and training.


In-house courses
for self-development

In addition to consulting services, Digital Districts organises webinar training courses, online or directly in-house, for students, professionals and those interested in acquiring specific skills in all the new features related to Matterport technology and beyond.



We create lines of clothing and accessories for companies, sports or tourism with original graphics and coordinated colours and materials.
A range of products designed as a communication support and to enrich the commercial offer.

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