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"We create a digital container that simultaneously represents your mission, your vision, your relationships and your professional choices, in short, your world, who you are, what you do but above all why you do it."

About us

Our goal

We want you to express the essence of your choices by accompanying your customer in your space, in a timeless journey in which your every effort, every activity and investment leaves a trace of itself: our goal is to connect the dots you have drawn throughout your professional experience and make people fall in love with your personal vision of the world.

Make your choice

We are aware that choosing one supplier over another is not the result of chance, but of evaluation, knowledge, shared ideas and values: we want to ensure that the same awareness that guides your choices is also that of those who choose you and the experiences you have decided to offer your customers.

Our skills

Strategic consulting

We provide comprehensive consultancy to help customers choose the best product for their business, implementing it with the best functionalities according to their needs, after having thoroughly studied the type of company, its philosophy and above all its objectives. In addition to consulting services, Digital Districts organises webinar training courses, online or directly in the company, for those interested in acquiring specific skills in all the new functionalities related to Matterport technology and beyond.Digitalisation is the tool for those who have decided to change their future.

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Alessio Del Fabbro
Co-Founder & CEO
Alessandro Martelli
President & FOUNDER

Digitalisation is the tool for those who have decided to change their future.

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